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A Legacy of Trust & Excellence

Reliable Cashew Company has been built from the ground up for over 16 years. We import from African farms and process them in India using state-of-the-art machinery & stringent quality checkpoints throughout our engineering & sorting processes. The Result:  from farm to table, top class cashews suitable for every occasion.


Are you retail store that wants to serve your loyal customers the best in cashew? Perhaps you’ve got an event where everything has to be just right? We’ve got you totally covered with the most premium natural nuts, dried fruits, sweets & flavoured treatsCome on in & visit our retail outlets or simply enquire directly with our sales team online!


We manufacture cashews for different businesses to suit the requirements of your end consumers. Whether you are a re-seller or retailer in India, or an exporter or use cashews as a raw material in your products, you will find top quality products in our stable.

White Wholes

The best-in-class, beautiful pearl-ivory coloured unsplit chunky pieces of perfect crunch. It doesn’t get more perfect.

Scorched Wholes

The goodness of white wholes roasted just right to a beautiful golden-brown hue.

Export Pieces

Small pieces of the cashew kernels, with the same texture, colour and flavours as the wholes.

Indian Pieces

Smooth, non-granular pieces of the cashew kernels with rich flavours and taste.

Indian Wholes

Perfect whole kernels processed specially for Indian taste buds, ideal for the multitude of uses in Indian cooking.

Premium Cashew Flavors

Impeccable kernels, amazing taste

At RCC, we also process & manufacture our premium raw cashews into a diverse range of delicious snacks, ready for consumption. Enhance your recipes or indulge on-the-go. These flavours really pack in a punch.

Why choose RCC?

At RCC, we have brought together the best of business practises and manufacturing strategy over time to deliver value to our corporate customers and end consumers.


We have been manufacturing signature cashews for 15 years. Over the years, we have mastered our processes and technology to offer high quality cashews, consistently.


Our collective skill at every level of the supply chain - in our farms, kitchens, factory and management - enables us to offer best-in-class products which are authentic and memorable.


We invest significant time in research & development to stay updated with the changing palate of our end consumers. This is why we create the right texture, unmistakable crunch and excellent taste.


Our business practises are top-in-line to ensure that we are mindful of all stakeholders in every step of the supply chain. We ensure the best working conditions and employee support to all our labour.

Clients who trust us

Process & Quality

exquisite kernels

We have evolved our knowledge in the cashew manufacturing process to become industry thought-leaders today. Our expertise starts at selecting the right farms with ideal growing conditions. The perfect raw material then undergoes our streamlined processes which are cost-efficient, eco-friendly and resource-optimised. At the end, we deliver great value to our customers in the form of top quality cashews that have the perfect crunch and taste.

We export across the globe ...